Two curriculum options offered at GESS international school

Well-known in the international community, GESS is a reputable school with excellent learning environments, state of the art facilities and quality teaching. In fact, many parents have regarded them as one of the best schools in Singapore. Unlike other schools that have narrow curriculums and only offer students little or no option to choose what they are going to learn, GESS international school in Singapore offers its students an opportunity to choose between an International Baccalaureate program (which is taught in the English Language) and a German curriculum.


This article by thefinder explains more about the two curriculum options offered at GESS international school.

Your Child Can Choose Between TWO Curriculum Options At This International School In Singapore

GESS is one of the few international schools in Singapore that has more than 10 years of experience in offering the full range of IB programmes (Primary Years Programme to IB Diploma), and its students have repeatedly received IB scores that are above the world average. Read more here.

These are the two curriculum options open to your child when you enroll him into GESS international school. Whether you moved to Singapore from another country or from a big city, it is likely going to be a challenge for your child to settle in and adapt to the school you enroll him into. GESS has a special way to help kids from different parts of the world feel more at home.


The following article by Sassymama discusses how GESS helps to foster a close-knit community amongst its students and staff.

How to Foster a Close-Knit Community within a Big International School

With an emphasis on student support, a “school-within-a-school” philosophy, and myriad ways to get parents involved, GESS is a big school that aims to feel like a home away from home. Read more here.

From the article, you now understand how GESS international school helps its student from other countries feel more at home. The reason why GESS does this effectively is that they invest a lot of time into understanding the specific needs, backstory and past experiences of their students. When you enroll your child into GESS international school, you can be confident that he will settle in quickly, smoothly and make new friends.


In the next article, Sassymama has put together a review of some of the best schools in Singapore according to parents and their experiences.

Why I Picked This School: Real Parent Testimonials

Hunting for the perfect school for your kiddo, mama? If you can’t make up your mind even after several visits to multiple different schools, then turn to the next best decision-makers: other parents! Read more here.

Hearing what other parents have to say about some of the best schools in Singapore gives you a better picture of what to consider and how your decision can be made. That been said, before enrolling your child into any of these schools, it is important that you ask questions and diligently find out more about your shortlisted schools to see which will be the best-fit for your child. Bear in mind that this may require you visit the school in person.


Final note 

The school you enroll your child is going to determine his academic performance. Thus, it is wise that you enroll him into a school with a proven academic track record. GESS international school is presently one of the leading international schools in Singapore. What sets it apart from others is that it offers two curriculum options. Also, they are dedicated to helping both international and local students feel at home and settle in quickly.

As a parent, regardless of the school you want to enroll your child into, it is imperative that you do some research and consider all factors important to you to decide out if it will be good for your child. A great way to do this is by going through the reviews left by parents whose children are enrolled in the schools you are interested in. What better way to know the actual experience of studying in each school than to hear from parents like yourself who are on the same journey. All the best in making your decision and remember, you know your child best so trust your instincts and be well-informed to choose the best for your child.

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