Purpose of Nursery Schooling

Singapore is a nation that is highly focused on the education of its citizens. In 2000, a bill was passed by the government namely, “the compulsory education act” mandates that the education of all the children is compulsory. The country provides free education to all its nationals below grade three, and the only cost paid by the parents in this regard is that of miscellaneous expenditures. The quality of education is by far one of the best in the world with Singaporean students scoring the best results internationally.

It all comes down to the tremendous amount of emphasis that is laid by the government on the learning process, skilled teachers and nursery school curriculum with regard to problem solving. The parents also urge their children to do better in class and most of them even start early tutoring and nursery school education is highly encouraged.

Foster Independent Learning

The purpose behind this push of better learning is so that the citizen grows to be an independent and responsible citizen who not only adheres to the policies of the country but also betters them in the favor of the country. There are many good nursery schools in the country as the belief stands that quality learning starts early. The schools here have extensive training programs and the teachers are certified before they are given a class to teach.

Encouraging Social Interaction with Peers

The basic purpose that the nursery class caters for is to build the knowledge in the child of how to interact. The interaction is among the peers and with adult persons like the teachers. They are gradually taught to channel their learning in the way that they would later be educated in secondary school. The nursery class can therefore be defined as the preparatory class for secondary education. Two languages (oral and written) are taught at this level which are English with the mother tongue of the child. English is the chosen language of instruction in Singapore and hence all subjects are predominantly taught in this language.

Simultaneously however, in the early years the mother tongue like Tamil, Chinese or mandarin is also introduced. The purpose of this inculcation is so that it’s easier for the child to have better grasp in the topics that are being taught in schools. In addition to languages, concept and counting of numbers is introduced along with outdoor play, music and art. The focus is to develop basic social and personal skills as well at this stage.

Imparting Learning Opportunities

Right now there are more than 200 registers nursey schools all over the country and the number keeps increasing. Special designed activities target growth of the thinking process of the child and stimulate growth in interaction, which can be verbal or physical.

Nursery schools give more learning experiences to the child which are otherwise not possible at home. There is new exposure everyday towards newer words, things and environments and with a proper guide they are able to absorb it all in. The children during this stage are very curious and thus with proper direction the learning process is maximized.

Julia Harris

Julia Harris

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